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A well is a place where someone would go to draw water. This water was used for

multiple purposes, primarily drinking. The Samaritan Woman who met Jesus at the well

had the most unique encounter than she had ever experienced. She went to the well

and became well! She then told the people of her town all about Jesus. Jesus desires

for all of His children to be whole in mind, body and Spirit. The Well Sessions aims to

be the space where this can occur.

By providing a time for prayer and soaking and worship, attendees will be able to tap

into the flow of what their soul is thirsting for. As the layers fall off from the atmosphere

and upright heart postures of the participants, the flow of the Spirit may usher some

people into deliverance, healing, prophecy etc. There are no limits when we approach

the One who can give Living Water to our desolate places. We hope you will join us as

we jump into this life-giving spring.

Join Us

The set time and place for The Well sessions are yet to be determined but will start out

on a monthly basis. As the Lord leads, we will provide this information.

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