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GettingToKnow God's Daughter

"Life filtered through the word of God"

Rachelle Milner


A Licensed Independent Social Worker in the State of Ohio,  Rachelle remembers wanting to help people as far back as she can remember.  Once she seriously committed her life to the Lord, she has been dedicated to becoming the woman God created her to be in every aspect of her life. Over the years she has taken interest in studying God's Word, discipleship and unmistakably the ministries of consolation, healing and deliverance.  Through the blessing of her calling, she has been in management positions for the tenure of her professional career, performing program

management, evaluation, supervision, training, and the mentoring of others in the field. She serves with gladness as an ordained Minister in the State of Ohio, currently operating as a Pastor in the Body of Christ.

She obtained a master’s degree of Social Science Administration (MSSA - MSW)  from the Jack, Joseph and Morton Mandel School of Social Sciences at Case Western Reserve University,  and a Bachelor of Social Work from Clark Atlanta University. She obtained an Advanced Biblical Counseling Diploma from Light University to bring the Biblical Perspective to her existing knowledge and skills. Lastly, due to her desire to learn more about research, data and how to use it within community settings, she completed a research fellowship with the Community Research Scholars Initiative (CRSI) at MetroHealth Center for Health Equity, Engagement, Education and


Rachelle sees the "Alphabet Soup" of credentials as God's weaponry in fulfillment of His purpose for her life and will administer them within the Body of Christ. They will continue to be utilized to advance the Kingdom of God.









Rachelle has a wealth of experience in an array of areas in the marketplace as well as the Kingdom of God. She has over 20 years of administrative experience in the Non-Profit sector managing programs, people and currently an organization. She is no stranger to grassroots and frontline work for this is also her passion. She has dedicated herself to mentoring professionals at all levels, helping them identify and

attain their educational and career goals. Furthermore, for the Body of Christ, she is an itinerant speaker for events, skilled in teaching on Biblical topics and her heart is for the perfecting of the Saints. She has 20 years’ experience in Worship Ministry and 10+ in Altar Prayer and Deliverance Ministry to name a few. A Pastor and Elder in the local church, Rachelle is an authentic speaker that brings balance to well-rounded

conversations and presentations that are palatable for all audiences. Contact us to connect with Rachelle!




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