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"Let your light soshine before men, thatthey may see your good works,and glorify your Fatherwhich is in heaven."

Matthew 5

Some top reasons people fail to attain their goals are lack of clarity, fear of failure,

procrastination, lack of focus, accountability and some simply just give up.

Envision Me is a goal and purpose-oriented discipleship group aimed at helping

Believers reach their full potential. Together we identify the things that we want to

attain, apply the Word of God, and work progressively in strength, transparency, and

accountability to reach our goals. Vision Boards are a fun activity that lots of us create

to have a “visual reminder” of what we want for our lives. Envision me takes it a step

further by creating Vision Books and affixing the Word of God to every goal! They have

more detail, carry you throughout the year and tracks progress.

How do we track progress? It is done individually and in community through check-ins

at specific time points, and on social media. This is a Christ centered discipleship

community of people that uses the Word of God as a vehicle into purpose and

living optimal lives! It has been tested, tried and true through Rachelle’s own life and

she can personally attest to the effectiveness of the process.

If you are ready to go to the next level God has for you, you must be brave, have

personal accountability and be persistent. All of these can be nourished with Envision


“Being a part of the  Envision Me group  has been  Amazing.  When I first started the

class, I had a  very difficult time with giving self-care.  Now, I’m more diligent in taking

the time out  for  myself.  Not just that but being held accountable for what we say that we are going to work on or do.  The sisters  that are a part of Envision Me  are

amazing.  We pray and  encourage each other.  We are not where we started, but we

are  just  where God needs us to be.  I truly  want to give God all the glory and honor

for blessing us with Pastor Rachelle and the vision He gave her for this group of

amazing, beautiful sisters.  Thank You!”

                                                                    -Sevia Witcher

“I was in a very broken place when I first met Pastor Rachelle Milner. My husband had

passed, and I was grieving him terribly. One of my first encounters with her was when

she prayed for me. As time passed, those prayers covered me, and God used them to

help me heal. When she invited me to an event for “Envision Me”, it was more than I

imagined. All because the qualities of this ministry that God gave Pastor Rachelle help

me to focus on the intricacies of the calling and purpose God placed on my life, by using

the Word of God to help me stay focused. Even more, the guidelines God gave her for

this vision, allow you to give yourself grace. ‘Grace’ was something I had not learned to

give myself. ‘Envision Me’ has helped me to do that and given me a community of

sisters to assist me in being accountable. I am very thankful for Pastor Rachelle Milner

and her ministry of ‘Envision Me’!”

                                                           ~ Authorine McKnight-Solomon

“Envision me has been amazing for me! I've never had a community that pushes,

supports, and believes in one another to reach our individual goals. This group has

been completely spirit led and comes with so much accountability! Special thanks to

Elder Rachelle for her obedience to the Lord!”  

                                                                             ~ Te’Asha Prince

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