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Rachelle Milner

- Habakkuk 2:2

And the LORD answered me, and said, Write the vision, and make it plain upon tables, that he may run that readeth it.



Kingdom Perspectives is a Ministry that provides Biblically based resources and other

tools to encourage, uplift and inspire all humanity.


God's perspective is a necessity in the lives of Believers to maintain the mandate of

consecration and holiness in today’s world.  It is also vital to our spiritual, physical, and

emotional health and sustains the soul to be in right standing with Him.


This resource started because God planted words of encouragement for me to write

for others through a blog.  Writing is something I have always loved to do.  Once I

dedicated myself to it, the seeds that had been planted from years of study, hearing,

teaching and preaching the Word as well as engaging Christian content on various

platforms had taken root. They began to bud, and the desire grew within me to have a

platform of my own, dedicated to all things Kingdom Living. ​It comes from my love for

information and desire to share it with others.  


The name came directly from the Lord!  I was in prayer and the Lord spoke to me

regarding some things, which I wrote out in the dark years prior. This included the

phrase “It’s about a Kingdom Perspective.” Several years later, I was seeking the Lord

on a name for this ministry and was lead to the specific notebook where I wrote the

phrase down and knew it was the Lord stating His will. In a world of opinions and more

transparency than ever before, His perspective needs to remain front, center and

illuminated to assist all humanity to live the Gospel of Jesus Christ in truthfully,

authentically and genuinely.

​You will be provided with the Kingdom Perspective of what life brings through our

podcast, ministry activities and events. Be sure to check out our Kingdom Resources

page for more info.

What we believe

We Believe that Jesus Christ is the manifestation of God in the earth, born of the

virgin Mary. He, being flesh and deity walked the earth free from sin, completed

miracles and taught his chosen Disciples.  He died on the cross being the

ultimate atonement for the sin of man.  He rose with all power on the third day

and sits on the right hand of the throne of the Father in Heaven.  

It is by the name of Jesus Christ that we go to God the Father in prayer.  Holy

Spirit is present today as our comforter, and helper and will lead, guide and

direct us.  

The written words of the Bible are God's words given to his chosen vessels to

record for the world. Every time we read it - He speaks to us. Regular Bible

reading, life application (Both internal and external) and study of the Word of

God is necessary for growth and relationship with God, to walk in our divine

purposes and to stand against the enemy.  

Discipleship helps us live a life of holiness and is necessary in maintaining the

standards of God. A present life of consecration is with the joyful intent of

fulfilling our earthly purpose in the Kingdom of God and for eternal life with our

Heavenly Father.  

One must be saved by professing Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior for the

remission of sin, be baptized (full immersion) in water - In the Name of Jesus Christ. 

The evidence of the receipt of the Holy Ghost is through the Baptism of the Holy


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